The mission of the World kempo federation is to proudly share the mat with anyone who wants to train and learn from each other. We may wear different patches, have different kenpo lineages, styles and ideas, but we are all willing to exchange thoughts, provide insight, and accept feedback about the art we share.

Our World kempo federation instructors open their minds to new ideas and allow students to train with other experienced instructors outside their own circles. Discoveries will be made; some good and some bad, but it is a process in which we all learn and discover together! In fact, we may learn that we are doing something wrong, different, or better yet, that we are doing something right!

We believe in comparing and contrasting our art with other kenpoists, creating an environment where everyone can explore and learn from each other. Together we can discover and formulate the equation that makes each individuals kenpo work best for them. Brotherhood/Sisterhood is the key to success!

We will train with whoever shares our goals, values and morals within the art. We will not look at patches or associations to determine where we train and where we learn. We believe that we all have something to offer. We strive to emulate GM Frank Trejo, to be welcomed wherever we go and to train with everyone because of our love for kenpo karate.